Thermal Break
Architectural Series

Windows and Doors account for more heat transfer in an insulated building than any other building component.  Up to 60% reduction in heat loss can be designed into OMEGA Thermal Windows.

The OMEGA Thermal Break technology is unique to us in this part of the world.  Designed in New Zealand, inspired by European experience, our thermal break is positioned to the outside of the joinery which means the cold does not have the chance to get near the warmth inside.  Therefore it performs much better as a 'barrier' which results in advanced thermal performance.

How Thermal Break works:

The OMEGA Thermal Break delivers better performance day after day. A “Thermal Break” is on the outside causing an obstruction to the heat or cold escaping or entering your home, meaning higher thermal performance and reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

Thermal break aluminium joinery

An ENERGY STAR qualified window is a step up in performance over generic aluminium framed double glazing.

These can have additional features of frames with Thermal Breaks, low-E glass panes, Argon gas filled and or including plastic or Thermal spacers in the insulated glass units.

OMEGA is also produced to international quality measurement standard ISO 14001, and has Diamond certified status Enviromark. OMEGA’s products are tested to New Zealand Standards in their test booth which is independently accredited by IANZ.

The Thermal Break range includes:

Aluminium awning windows


Awning windows are perfect for our changeable weather conditions, pushing out from the bottom to allow air circulation while still providing protection from the weather

Replacement aluminium windows

replacement windows

Retrofitting Double Glazing provides a warmer, drier and quieter environment for the interior of your home.

Aluminium window entrance doors

entrance DOORS

OMEGA Entrance Doors offer both classic and contemporary approaches to your homes entry point. We have a full range of traditional tongue and groove doors that can be assembled at any width.

Hinged aluminium entrance doors

hinged DOORS

Our OMEGA range of Hinged Doors provides a flat-faced frame for a contemporary, robust appearance.

Sliding aluminium windows and doors


OMEGA is an industry leader in sliding aluminium windows + doors performance. We feature proprietary components which manage seal compression. By doing this the panels are never forced off seals during extraordinary weather events.

Bi-folding aluminium windows and doors


Bi-fold Windows + Doors are the modern champions when it comes to providing panoramic views unencumbered by obstructions once open. They are an excellent way to extend your indoor living to the outdoors.

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