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OMEGA is proudly owned by McKechnie Aluminium Solutions Limited, who have over 50 years experience in extruding aluminium. This combined with contemporary European design means you get a product that not only looks good but can withstand the demanding weather conditions of New Zealand.

The traditional idea of a “barrier” that keeps the warmth in and the cold out isn’t new. In a home the most common barrier is insulation. In windows and doors it’s called a “Thermal Break” and just like insulation it stops heat from escaping or cold from entering your home.

OMEGA Thermal Break technology is unique to us in this part of the world. Developed in New Zealand using advanced European Technology, our Thermal Break is positioned to the outside of the joinery which means the cold does not have the chance to get near the warmth inside. Therefore it performs much better as a “barrier” which results in advanced thermal performance.

The OMEGA Thermal Series was benchmarked and showed a 36% improved (“u” value) thermal performance compared to one of its standard competitors. The innovative OMEGA Thermal Series is also designed to significantly lessen the Bi-Metallic effect which occurs in most joinery products.  

OMEGA and McKechnie Aluminium are the only aluminium extrusion business in New Zealand to operate a remelt facility for recycling aluminium retaining all the aluminium's properties. Third-party environmentally certified with a high recycled content and therefore low carbon footprint.

Certification & Standards

OMEGA is a proud member of the Window & Glass Association of New Zealand (WGANZ).

The goal of WGANZ is to maintain the highest degree of industry-wide quality and performance. Windows + doors, including all their component parts, manufactured by WGANZ members must comply with mandatory standards. Major achievements of the association have been the incremental development of a world-class industry, developing window performance specifications, adopting, promoting and contributing to appropriate international standards.

Our aluminium windows + doors are produced to international quality measurement standard AS/NZS ISO 14001, and Toitū enviromark diamond certified. Our products are tested to New Zealand Standards in the IANZ Accredited testing facility, which is independently accredited and audited annually.

OMEGA is the first New Zealand aluminium windows + doors supplier to achieve third-party Toitū carbon reduce product certification by Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.

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