Inserts and
Full Replacements


What is a window insert?

Window inserts, are a fully operational window installed within the existing trim and sill. With a replacement window insert, the old interior and exterior trim is undisturbed and remains intact.

Why Insert Windows?

Insert Windows provide an affordable solution by replacing old timber windows with new aluminium joinery, without compromising the traditional style of your home.

What are the benefits of window inserts:

  • You keep the look of the timber windows from the outside (the sills, jambs and head of the timber windows are left in place) so you keep the chunky timber style look.
  • Low ongoing maintenance
  • You can change the configuration of the windows

Full Replacement Windows

What is a full replacement window and door?

Full replacement gives you the opportunity to change your windows and doors to suit any colour, style and configuration.

Everything is brand new and installation is to the current building code.

Why full replacement windows and doors?

Changing your existing windows and doors to incorporate Double Glazing will have huge benefits. It will increase the comfort of your home, reduce condensation, and make your home a warmer and healthier environment.

What are the benefits of full replacement windows and doors:

  • Everything is new
  • You can choose any style, colour, configuration
  • Installation is to the current building code
  • You can change the sill height of your windows easily (e.g. take out a window and make the hole big enough to change it to a door).